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Resources for Reflexology Students. Find below a collection of different materials that are shared in Balancing Touch course’s and are here for you to download at anytime.

Blank Reflexology Foot Chart


Recommended books

Original Works of Eunice D. Ingham: Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology/Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology

For understanding the language of the feet and body:

The Language of the Feet

You Can Heal Your Life


Zone Therapy 2nd edition 1919

Relieving Pain at Home

by WM H. Fitzgerald, M.D. and Edwin F. Bowers, M.D.

You can read this book here for FREE: HERE

Course Compliments

These are great as refreshers and great reference after some time has past since your last course.

  • Reflexology in Session” – You watch over my shoulder as I take you through the entire session that you have learned in my class.
  • Desserts” – A overview of desserts or warm-ups that we covered in class.

Topics Covered in Class