A Reflexology Chart That Leaves a Lasting Impression

We have created this chart with you and your clients in mind. Reflexology Charts seem a big mystery to anyone who has not studied Reflexology.

This Chart helps clients see clearly how the body is mapped out on the foot so a greater understanding is achieved making your session even more effective.

This Chart also makes it easy to give homework to your clients to work on points that will be beneficial for them until they met you at the next appointment.

Features: The Proof Is in the Eye of the Beholder

  • A body is used – There is a human body with all its organs on this chart to show you without a doubt how the body relates to the feet.
  • Horizontal zones shown – horizontal zones or Reflexology landmarks are clearly shown in different colours, easily displaying the different divisions of the body and the feet
  • Reflexes are gender specific – Some of the Reflexes in reflexology are related to who you are working on for example if you are working on a female she is going to have a different set of sexual organs than if you are working on a male. The Right side of the Chart displays the Reflexes as it relates to a male and the Left as it relates to the female.
  • Environmentally conscious – Since Reflexology is related to the feet, why not improve the carbon foot print of our Reflexologists? All charts have been printed locally on either Synaps paper or have been Laminated to ensure they look their best and last long. Learn more …

  • Available in 3 different sizes:
    1. Giant reflexology chart: 56cmX81cm (22″X32″)
    2. Medium reflexology chart: 28cmX38cm (11″X15½”)
    3. Small reflexology chart: 17.8cmX28cm (7½”X11″)

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Introducing Balancing Touch’s FOOT CHART – Watch Video Below

Here Is What People Are Saying about Balancing Touch’s FOOT CHART

“The GIANT foot reflexology chart from Balancing Touch was perfect for my office wall. I wanted a chart that would make it immediately obvious to clients which organs the reflexes go to, where they are on the foot, and where they correlate to in the whole body. Adam’s chart did cost more than I was looking to pay, but it was far and away the best chart for giving clients an immediate understanding of the foot reflexology correspondences. So I went for it, and am so glad I did! It is beautifully rendered, of very high quality, and clients exclaim over it frequently. I especially appreciate being able to see it clearly from across the room!”
Adeha Feustel
“I love the detail and color in you charts. The texture of the paper are beautiful also. You truly are an Artist.. Thank you for doing these wonderful charts, they are truly appreciated by all Reflexologist World Wide”
Lori Thomas
“I purchased a large foot chart and the complete systems charts from ” the reflexology dictionary series” by Adam Thomas last November and I was so impressed with the format, attention to detail, amazing art work and colour, that I have been encouraging my fellow reflexologists and students to check them out on Balancing Touch website. The systems charts are incredibly illustrated and easy for everyone to understand and the foot chart is amazing and clearly defined. I wholeheartedly recommend all the charts and books.”
Mary Littlewood

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