Some people want to work towards becoming a professional Reflexologist while others simply want to learn some new concepts to try out on family and friends. Thus, my new training path was born!

I’ve broken it down into modules so that you can easily go as deep into the wonderful world of Reflexology as you would like without having to invest a huge amount of time or energy.

Get Your Feet Wet – Module 1

An informative introduction to the wonderful world of Reflexology.


  • Shed your shoes and experience a new perspective on your feet
  • The keys to how the body is reflected onto the sole of the foot
  • A brief history of the origins of Reflexology
  • An overview of how a practitioner is able to read a person’s feet
  • Overlap between mind / body and how our experiences shape our form
  • You will come away with hands-on simple tools to work with


Pre-requisite: none       Class hours: 4       Tuition: $50.00

Wade In a Little Deeper – Module 2

Wade deeper into Reflexology, so you can work on your friends and family.


  • Warm up and relaxation techniques
  • Reading the feet, visual cues that assess the physical and emotional life of your client
  • Foot reflexes to assist the person in regaining and maintaining health
  • Anatomy & physiology from the body/mind point of view
  • Learn the secret techniques of a Reflexologist


These basics will explore techniques to improve circulation, assimilation, relaxation  and elimination in the body, returning a person to their healthy, normal state.

Pre-requisite: Module 1 – Getting Your Feet Wet       Class hours: 16       Tuition: $297 + GST

Soak it all in – Module 3

Adventure through a deeper level of understanding and techniques that are geared towards a profession in reflexology.


  • Review-improve your skills, correct bad habits and Insure safe technique
  • We explore complimentary methods that are essential to build your reflexology toolkit
  • New advanced techniques
  • Anatomy & physiology from a professional point of view
  • How to start up your own successful reflexology business


At the successful conclusion of this course, students will receive a recognized certificate in Reflexology and are specialized to confidently start their practice in Spas, Health centers, or in their own business.

Pre-requisite: Module 1, 2 – Wade In a Little Deeper       Class hours: 20      Home play: 20       Tuition: $447 + GST


Putting your skills to the test


  • 60 Pairs of feet

For your practicum, you will work on 60 pairs of feet, on your own paying clients, marking observations and visual cues. Upon finishing your practicum and having it marked and returned, you will receive a certificate of practical completion. There is no extra cost for the practicum – its intention is to teach, not test.


By doing this 60hour practicum, plus successful complete of Module 1, 2 and 3 you will be eligible to join the Reflexology Association of British Columbia as an Approved Practitioner.

Pre-requisite: Module 1, 2, 3       Out of Class hours: 60       Tuition: $0

Having the opportunity to learn from Adam was one of the greatest experiences of my life! His course offers so much more than the standard and far exceeds what would be expected. With a very unique teaching style, Adam makes you to feel comfortable and relaxed in his environment, where the information and education comes together with ease. After finishing his course, I had not only the education and information that I needed, but the confidence as well to start my own business, I have had nothing but growth and prosperity since! I am forever grateful to Adam for such a wonderful life changing experience and for sending me on my new path to success!
“I first learned of Balancing Touch through a friend who raved about the way the Reflexology Course was taught. I signed up and found Adam to be patient, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. The personalized and at times one-on-one teaching was thorough, efficient, insightful and varied in methodology. Adam creates an environment that encourages enthusiasm and excitement of the topics and digressing to related topics. I learned so much more than just the intended coursework. I am so glad I met Adam and continue to learn from him, enriching my massage practice. I highly recommended any and all of his courses and bodywork.”

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