Work your Reflexology ABCs

This is one of the most effective and beneficial exercises you can do … don’t let it’s simplicity fool you. The best thing is, you get to put your feet up and can be performed easily, even in front of the T.V.

How – to work your Reflexology ABCs

You want to imagine that your foot is like a paint brush, your toes being the tip of the paint brush. You are going to be painting the Alphabet starting at A and ending with Z.


The focus of this exercise is on the widest range of ankle movement. Make sure you do not move the leg or knee when performing this exercise.

Important: only do this exercise up to the point of a slight burn when this is felt please stop and rest.

The Reflexology Benefits: Hips, lower back, More support, balance, and great for prevention and care for Bunions.

What are your favourite exercises to keep your feet and your body thriving?

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