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The Steps towards a Green Product

I love the organic look of recycled paper but also wanted to create products that last.

If I laminate my paper products, that’s taking a green product and just adding plastic.

Another problem with lamination it will eventually de-laminate and the trimming in the process creates extra waste.

I wanted a product made from post-consumer waste, that was durable and recyclable.

Here’s a bit about what I’ve come up with.

Introducing Synaps and Tyvek!


synaps paper

Synaps paper is Extremely durable & Waterproof I spilled some tea on it and nothing happened.

Synaps is a synthetic paper of a new generation, based on a high grade polyester substrate with a high performance printable topcoat. It combines the physical qualities of a polyester film with the ‘look and feel’ of a luxury paper.

Synaps qualities:

  • Polyester-based synthetic paper
  • Superior alternative to lamination
  • Extremely durable
  • Waterproof, tear proof, and weather resistant
  • Resists chemicals and grease
  • Lays perfectly flat, even if shipped in a tube
  • Look and feel of a luxury paper
  • Tree-free

Let’s Test this Synaps Paper out – Video

Here is a list of my products that are printed on Synaps Paper


tyvek paper

This paper is so beautiful with it’s organic fibrous look.

Tyvek is a strong microfiber material where thousands of super fine plastic fibers are fused together to give this product incredible strength and durability not to mention it’s amazing organic look since you can see these fine fibers in the finished printed product (see image on left). Eco-friendly, Tyvek is made with 25% Post-consumer material and is itself 100% recyclable.

Tyveks qualities:

  1. Tear-resistant
  2. water-resistant
  3. Tree-free

Our Products printed on Tyvek:

Sale Items & Monthly Specials

Wholesale Prices Available

If you are looking to buy more than a couple of products you may qualify for wholesale pricing.

  • 2-9 (30% off)
  • 10-19 (35% off)
  • 20 and up (40% off)

These are based on the product list price which may be different than the prices on this website.

To make a wholesale order

Please contact me via email ... subject line wholesale.