Below are a couple of videos from my YouTube Channel that I put together while I was in Japan this summer and thought they would go really well together on the same page.

These Three videos are all about the TOES, the 1st looks at what each toes Meaning, the 2nd looks at the directions of the toes and the 3rd looks at the shapes of the toes. Hope you like them, Enjoy!

What Is the Hidden Meaning Behind Each of Your Toes?

In this video we will look at what each of the toes on the feet has to communicate.

Since the toes are different sections of your head, the toes then represent different aspects of your mind.

How to Find Meaning in the Direction a Toe Points

We can get a lot of information from simply understand when a toe points toward a big toe or points toward the pinky toe.

Secret Meanings Behind the Shapes of Our Toes

In this video, we visit the main temple in the city of Ashikaga, Japan and explore some different toe shapes and the meaning behind each one.

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