Modern Lifestyle Dilemma

I understanding how our modern lifestyles often mean wearing many hats on a given day. We have more freedom in some ways, but our time can get fragmented and it gets harder to find time to invest in education.


I decided to develop online courses not only for my remote students, but to allow everyone with appetite a sample platter of bite size pieces of learning. These courses fit you, not only because you set the pace, but because each lesson includes a short video, letting you digest a small amount of learning when you have a bit of time. You can go back and review any lesson as many times as you like.

Online Learning

Short video lessons that fit your lifestyle and even the most remote locations. All you need is internet!

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Hands-on Learning

Ready to start a career in Reflexology? I am a Touch Point Reflexology instructor and offer hands on training recognized by The Reflexology Association of British Columbia.

Hands on Learning


Having the opportunity to learn from Adam was one of the greatest experiences of my life! His course offers so much more than the standard and far exceeds what would be expected. With a very unique teaching style, Adam makes you to feel comfortable and relaxed in his environment, where the information and education comes together with ease. After finishing his course, I had not only the education and information that I needed, but the confidence as well to start my own business, I have had nothing but growth and prosperity since! I am forever grateful to Adam for such a wonderful life changing experience and for sending me on my new path to success!
“As a recent graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, I had the pleasure of participating in Adam’s Reflexology class. This was a core component of the curriculum and I’m glad to say it was one of the most rewarding courses offered in the program.

Adam’s serious, yet gentle teaching style made learning the material a happy event every week. His passion for reflexology was evident every class. He also encouraged us to believe in our new abilities, even when we were unsure of what we were doing. As a student, that kind of teaching support is invaluable.”

“I first learned of Balancing Touch through a friend who raved about the way the Reflexology Course was taught. I signed up and found Adam to be patient, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. The personalized and at times one-on-one teaching was thorough, efficient, insightful and varied in methodology. Adam creates an environment that encourages enthusiasm and excitement of the topics and digressing to related topics. I learned so much more than just the intended coursework. I am so glad I met Adam and continue to learn from him, enriching my massage practice. I highly recommended any and all of his courses and bodywork.”