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Reflexology Desserts [Online Course]

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This short course is going to guide you through a series videos on reflexology ‘Warm-Ups’ or ‘Relaxation Techniques’.

These are usually the first techniques that you learn as a reflexologist since they help you comfortably and confidently work with the feet.

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These videos outline techniques more commonly called ‘Warm-Ups’ or ‘Relaxation Techniques’ but I prefer to call them ‘Desserts’ for 2 reasons:

1. Word Anatomy

The word Stress is spelled backwards in the word Desserts and the prefix De means removal … when they are put together your client receives De-stress!

2. Dessert Itself

Lowering stress is always a treat, and so is having dessert! These techniques are best used before, during and after a reflexology session. As a reflexologist, I get to enjoy dessert before, during and after my session. How great is that?


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