The Energy Brush-Down Steps

  1. Right hand on left shoulder and brush to right hip (across the body)
  2. Left hand on right shoulder and brush to left hip
  3. Right hand to back of left arm from shoulder to back of hand
  4. Left hand to back of right arm from shoulder to back of hand
  5. Left hand to front arm from shoulder to palm of hand
  6. Right hand to front arm from shoulder to palm of hand
  7. Bring both palms together like you are going to drink water from them and blow it all away.
  8. Click your heels together and apart to release or cut the circuit.

This was originally taught by Mikao Usui to clear our energy field before seeing a client and to reset after a session.

Before a Session

This is a great technique to use before you see a client to clear your own energy so that you are not carrying around your daily stresses and concerns which could affect the session.

After a Session

When you’re working with a client, your energy can join with theirs and become like one electrical circuit. In this process, some practitioners take on the energies of their clients, so this is a great way to clear this energy at the end of a session. This is a habit that costs you nothing and can keep grounded over time. It can be done so quickly and subtly, that it can be performed as you walk away from your client to go wash your hands.

Why Does This Matter?

My Reflexology teacher Yvette Eastman shared a story with me about the dangers of not clearing energies.

After taking a reflexology course with Yvette, one of her students began seeing many clients in her new reflexology practice. She started to felt very tired and slowly began to gain weight. After a while of feeling more and more exhausted, she realized she had gained over 20 pounds. She called up Yvette to ask why this could be happening, since she hadn’t changed anything in her life that she could think of.

She explained that nothing had changed in her diet, or exercise and the only difference was that she was seeing a lot of clients. She was so excited about her own business but was worried that she would have to cut down on the number of clients she could see. Yvette had a sense that her student might be an energy-holder and asked if she’d been doing the energy brush down before and after each session. The answer was no.

Yvette knew that she was a very loving, caring person and that she was literally taking on all the problems and stresses of her clients. So simple by doing this energy brush down, she could return to her normal weight and regain her own energy. The issue was not how many clients she could see, the issue was her own self-care practice.

For Me

I notice with myself as well when I work with many clients in a short period of time, that when I forget to do this clearing, I feel a lot more tired. Now I use this technique to get through a very busy day of clients.

Checking In

I would love to hear the different techniques you use to clear energy in your space. Please share any nuggets of wisdom that you’ve discovered in the comments below.
Yours warmly,