The Reflexology Foot Charts Collection

by each anatomical system of the body

The goal in the creation of these reflexology charts was to explore each of the anatomical systems of the human body and visual apply them to the feet in a clear, precise and simple way. Each anatomical reflexology chart includes the human body and the appropriate angles of the feet making the chart even easier to understand.

Whether you teach reflexology classes or have personal clients this reflexology series increase the understanding of Reflexology, making it easy for everyone to understand, elevating reflexology to a new professional level.

Product details:
The Reflexology Foot Charts Collection
Contains 10 vividly illustrated Charts which include the skeletal, digestive, urinary, respiratory, endocrine, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, reproductive and muscular systems. This unique and innovative collection examines the depth and beauty of human anatomy through the eyes of Reflexology.

A Green Product
These charts are printed on eco-friendly synthetic high performance paper called Synaps – an incredibly durable, waterproof and tear proof material that replaces lamination. Learn more …

Illustrations by Adam C.O. Thomas, Reflexologist
© copyright 2013 Adam C.O. Thomas.
All rights reserved.

ISBN 978-0-9781063-0-0
Size  18cmX28cm (7″X11″)
Finished beautifully with rounded corners
Printed in Canada

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What People Are Saying

I have been so happy with the purchase of my purchase of the Reflexologist Visual Dictionary Series! Not only have they been helpful for my own personal studies but they have been a useful tool that I now use with my clients as we go over areas of their anatomy of concern. The visuals make it easier to understand the correlation of the feet as it pertains to the entire body. I highly recommend them not only as a learning tool but a means to understanding when working with your clients.”
Margaret Stabb
“Hello my name is Pamela Forester. I am new to reflexology but I am loving the knowledge of it. I am in my advance classes as we speak and the Reflexology visual dictionary series has been a wonderful addition to my learning. It is so easy to follow but it is in very great detail. I am very pleased with this product.”
Pamela Forester
“Thrilled with such wonderful pictures of the body’s representation on the foot. I took the charts and made a “talk book”. Each drawing has a facing page where health concerns relative to that particular system are listed. This has enabled me to easily open up a sharing of information between myself and potential clients. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, well, Adam has certainly provided the avenue for the sharing of those thousand words. Thank you & job…well done!
Kay Hummel