My Visual Dictionary Story

I had an amazing anatomy teacher who inspired us to see the body for what it is ā€“ a series of living systems, all working together. When I went to share this perspective with reflexology clients and students, I realized that I needed visual aids, not the long medical texts that I had slogged through. I needed a new way to communicate the understanding that Iā€™d gained. I needed a Reflexology Visual Dictionary.

I really wanted to provide …

  • a way to make Reflexology easy for everyone to understand
  • clear, simple and artistic images
  • eco-friendly reflexology products
  • training products for students
  • tools for professionals to share with their clients
  • a way to inspire people to learn more about our amazing human body

Explore Reflexology using The Reflexology Visual Dictionary Series

Featured Areas of This Series …

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This series is always growing, expanding and adapting with new research and understandings of Reflexology.

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