Adam C.O. Thomas
Adam C.O. Thomas
  • Certified Reflexologist 2001
  • Founder of Balancing Touch 2002
  • Certified Reflexology Instructor 2004
  • Author & Illustrator of Reflexology Charts and Books – ongoing
  • Life-long student of healing, integrating the wisdom of other modalities – ongoing

Balancing Touch

I have had been fortunate to be exposed to so many brilliantly, amazing teachers that truly understand how they and others walk through life. They teach how to walk with understanding and this flow of effortless ease.

Balancing Touch Reflexology allows a format where I can work-play-dance with all these great concepts that have been passed down to me.  Balancing Touch is now a great vehicle to share and pass on those concepts to you.

My Reflexology Training Path

By January 2001, I found myself fully immersed in Reflexology and inspired by the knowledge unfolding before me. I found that my feet were telling me stories about my life and it was from that point on that I was hooked.

After completing the Reflexology Diploma Program, I proceeded to get my Teachers’ Training Certificate through the Canadian Institute of Reflexology. It was in September 2001 that I officially opened Balancing Touch Reflexology, granting me the opportunity to further experience and share the benefits of Reflexology. As time went on, I found that my interest in teaching Reflexology continued to grow, so in 2005 I began gathering and expanding my reflexology material to make this amazing field of study as easy to understand as possible. In doing so, I created ‘The Reflexology Visual Dictionary Series’, which is a collection of Reflexology charts, books, and videos that visually translate and explore this complimentary approach to health and healing.

I would like to see everyone have these simple yet very effective techniques at hand to share with friends, family and even clients to relieve stress and suffering bringing more peace and understanding to this world.

My Path to Reflexology

I found Reflexology at a low point in my life.

I was feeling dis-empowered and disconnected from myself and decided to take a 5 month Reflexology course to find my centre again. I was interested in natural healing and massage, and my mother had given me a book called “Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology.”

During the course, the teacher was able to read everything that I had been experiencing. As she touched and moved my feet, she could tell exactly where I was at, because she knew how to read what my body was clearing saying.

This was what I was missing.

I had been searching for a way to connect the layers of human experience: the scientific structure of the body, the emotional landscape and the spiritual journey that each person is on, as they walk through life. With the fundamental element of human touch, the collected knowledge of Reflexology came to life for me. It give me an awareness that guided my steps towards balance in my own life.

Here I have been able to present clients and students with information and ideas, while empowering them to become the authority over what’s going on in their lives. There are no harsh judgements or didactic prescribed paths that you have to follow. You can chart your own course, with the clarity of a clear reflection of where you are at right now, as laid out for you by your own cells, muscles and nerves.

Reflexology provides a way to let the body speak for itself.

Then it becomes easier to follow it’s intrinsic wisdom. It’s inspiring to me to get to share these tools with other people.


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