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Reflexology translates the body’s natural wisdom

Empowering Choice, Our Purpose at Balancing Touch

Empowering Choice

Our Purpose

Each of us have unique talents and challenges as we walk through life.
My goals are to…

  • honour our differences
  • bring knowledge to life
  • access our body’s wisdom

These elements empower each person’s instincts. By using our own bodies as the authority that guides our choices and clarifies our strengths, each step forward is easier to balance.

When you listen to your body …

life choices become so much clearer

Making Knowledge Come to Life

Making Knowledge Come to Life

Visual charts empower your practice and your clients.

Creating Authority Within

Creating Authority Within

Learn how to do Reflexology in e-courses and hands-on workshops.

Accessing Body Wisdom

1-on-1 Reflexology Sessions let you experience hands on healing.

Expanding Approach

Expanding Approach

Reflexology Resources broaden the way we think about healing.

Favourite Quotes

Quote by Deepak Chopra
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