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    This short course is going to guide you through a series videos on reflexology ‘Warm-Ups’ or ‘Relaxation Techniques’. These are usually the first techniques that you learn as a reflexologist since they help you comfortably and confidently work with the feet.
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    Welcome to my session room!

    Get comfortable as you watch over my shoulder as I take you through a complete Reflexology session. Included:
    • 5 HD Quality videos (online)
    • E-book Guide for each of the 3 sections (downloadable )
    Approach: The course follows the structure of a real Reflexology Session. When working with a client, I move in a continuous natural flow through the fundamental points, or reflexes, in the feet.
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    The Body Divisions

    Learn the language of the body by breaking it up into different sections.


    • 8 HD Quality videos (online) Content
      • Introduction
      • Our Conception
      • The Right and Left Brain
      • The Right and Left Sides of the Body
      • Front and Back
      • Top and Bottom
      • The Midline
      • Review
    • Access the content anytime

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Bundle & Save
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    Bundled Packages from the Reflexology Visual Dictionary Series to Enhance Your Reflexology Practice. What Is Included:
    • BT’s FOOT CHART – Small 17.8cmX27cm (7½”X10½″) $12.95 FREE
    • Reflexology Foot Charts Collection – (10 Charts) 18cmX28cm (7″X11″) $99.50 $74.63
    • Bones Of The Foot Chart 18cmX28cm (7″X11″) $12.95 $9.71
    You would end up paying $125.40 if you bought these charts separately! You Save 25% when you purchase these charts bundled. BONUS Right now you will get BT's FOOT CHART - small for FREE.