In Search of Reflexology Products in Japan

In today’s Video, I take you to a Japanese Temple where our family celebrates the life of my wife’s grandparents. This celebration happens every year on the day of their passing but because we came to Japan my father in law changed the celebration date so my family could experience the ceremony. This was the 13th Annual celebration.

At the end of the ceremony, the monk showed us different areas where you wish for good health, wealth etc. as we were leaving I noticed a Reflexology Chart that you step on. This inspired me to search out different Reflexology Products in Japan while I am here.

I did not have to dig that deep to find foot products, they were in many stores, even a dollar store. I found foot rollers, reflexology paths and pads with plastic rocks of different sizes to stimulate those all-important Reflexology points in your feet. I also found different versions of each of the products also ranging in price and quality.

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I was excited to find that some of the same products / similar products are available on! I have included the links below if you are interested.

Disclosure: Just to be up front, the following are affiliate links and I do get a small commission on each purchase, but it costs you nothing extra.

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