Where Do You Place the Arms and Legs on the Feet?

I was always confused when I was learning reflexology to how the arms and the legs fit on the feet. I simply just trusted my teacher. But since I started to create the Reflexology Visual Dictionary Series I was able to explore this topic a little bit deeper and gained an understanding of how the arms and the legs fit on the feet.

In this video, (https://youtu.be/7gEne-eCYwU) I share with you my thoughts on different placements of the arms and legs that I see in many charts, how the different placements might all be related and why I finally decided to place the arms and legs where I have on my reflexology Charts.

Video Contents Timestamps: (for you to quickly navigate to each section of the video)
0:48 Why Are There Different Placements for the Arms and Legs?
2:25 Relationship to the Fetus Gives Me Greater Understanding
4:01 Referral Areas Make It All Come Together

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Where do you place the arms and legs on the feet in your reflexology practice?