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Now is a great time to purchase BT’s Giant sized Reflexology FOOT CHART!


Because, from now until June 15th 2018 you do not have to pay for shipping. Shipping is on me.

I get a lot of emails about my charts and one of the most asked question is why is shipping so much? So I want to try and see if I cover the price of shipping if that will get these reflexology wall charts in more hands which is really the goal behind making these.

So, until June 15th 2018 the shipping will be on me.

I have had such great response from my clients and other Reflexologist on how this reflexology chart opens up more conversations about reflexology since the charts seem to empower the client since they understand visually how the foot / body reflexology relationship works.

How to get FREE Shipping on BT’s FOOT CHART – Giant size

  1. Add Bt’s FOOT CHART – Giant to cart
  2. Click Go To Your Shopping Cart button above
  3. in shopping cart type getgaint into the Have A Promotional Code? box
  4. You will now see a FREE shipping option (tick the box)

Note: if you have anything other than the Giant chart added to your shopping cart you will receive an error. If you want to order more items you will need to order them separately.

Also for any other reason this does not work please send me an email at

Some countries may not work and we may have to find another way to get the charts to you … but please let me know. Thanks for all your support in The Reflexology Visual Dictionary Series!

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