I never really realized that I had learned such a cool way to wrap the foot until I was teaching in a spa program and asked the students so show me what they had learned. I felt what I had picked up along the way was much better so I shared it with them and they thought so too.

If you have ever been to Thailand and had a Thai-Reflexology session you will be quite familiar with this method. I receive some training in the Thai Wat Po style of reflexology when I was in Thailand and this a great gem that I would like to share with you from my training. I use this during, and after every session.

Watch the video below to learn how to wrap the foot.

To do the reflexology foot wrap …

  1. Put the towel at 45degree angle to the leg.
  2. Bring up the closest corner so that the towel covers over the toes
  3. Grab the other corner, fold it over crossing the first fold and then tuck in around the heel.
  4. Wrap the other end around the leg.
  5. Tuck in the top and then roll it over securing the top making a complete boot.

wrapping the foot like this has many uses

  • If it’s cold and you want to keep one foot warm while you work  on the other.
  • Great way to finish a session and take off excess oil so that your client does not slip in their shoes.
  • If you make a tight enough towel wrap you can actually use them as boots if the client may have to go use the washroom for example.

I hope you found this useful as it is one of my favorite tricks / techniques I have learned in the wonderful world of Reflexology.

Have a great Reflexology Day!
Yours warmly,

Note: The towels that I use in this video are from Japan and are longer and narrower than the towels in North America which still work but I prefer the Japanese size.

Let me know what you think of this method by commenting below and please share any gems you may have.

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