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We are born with approximately 300-350 bones and as we grow many of these bones gradually become fused together. A grown adult skeleton is made up of 206 bones that serves six major functions;

  1. to support the skeleton provides a framework which supports the body so that is keeps its shape,
  2. to provide protection for the internal organs (Brain, spinal cord, Lungs, heart, stomach, liver, etc)
  3. to produce red blood cells,
  4. to act as storage for Calcium and phosphate for the body,
  5. to help with endocrine regulation since the bones release a hormone called osteocalcin which contributes to the regulation of blood sugar (glucose and fat deposition,) and
  6. to offer a place for muscles to attach to so that movement can be possible.


The Bones are commonly divided up into four types;

  • Long bones (Limbs),
  • short bones (these are grouped together strengthen our skeleton),
  • Flat bones (these protect our internal organs and provide a place for muscles to attach to), and
  • irregular bones (oddly shaped bones)

The skeletal system is broken down into two main parts; The Axial Skeleton and The Appendicular skeleton.

(1) The Axial Skeleton

Skeletal system in reflexology axial skeleton

The Axial Skeleton consists of 80 bones;

  • the skull with 29bones,
  • the spine with 26 bones and
  • the chest (ribs, sternum) with 25 bones.

(2) The Appendicular skeleton

Skeletal system in reflexology Appendicular skeleton

The Appendicular skeleton consists of 126 bones;

  • the upper extremities (Collar bone(2), Shoulder blade(2), Arm(6), Hand (54) and
  • the lower extremities at 62bones which include the Hip, legs and feet (52).

Our structural Foundation

The skeletal system asks us to look at the basic structures and foundations that shape our lives, our ground roots, our earth-like qualities and our ability to support change. We are born into these Structures and they become our basic belief system building blocks; Structures set out by our inherent family and our society we grow up in for example. The skeletal system has to do with Mobility and our ability to facilitate our progress through this life and our universe allowing us to stand on our own, supporting who we really are.

“Just as your bones gives you form, strength and structure, your real strength is within, not without”

– Glenda Hodge.

The arch of your foot has the same shape as the curve in your spine.

Take a look at the arch of your feet you may notice a difference between the Right and left. Bring your feet together, this shape represents the entire picture of your spine. If you see a twist this means that your spine has a twist.

Your arch supports your body, absorbs shock and adds a spring to your step.

I like to think of your arch similar to the shocks in a car. This gives me a great visual to work with:

  • If your shocks have fallen or flat … your ride in the car will be very ruff and jarring at times.
  • If the shocks are too high and springy … you bounce all over as you travel through life.
bones of the spine on the foot

High arch: Perhaps you are over extending yourself and are easily pulled in many directions since your ride through life is like a car with very bouncy shocks. 

Flat or fallen arch, means a very bumpy ride, almost jarring with each step and you may be experiencing lower back problems and even compressed discs. Not having enough support in your life can be at issue and the constant “I can do it myself, since no one has ever helped me” attitude controls your direction in life.

Do you have a callous on the side of your big toe?

neck issues are found on the side of the foot

This is most likely related to neck issues since this area represents the very top of your spine. Being able to turn your head with ease might be a problem.

Check out the shape your heels are in. Tough skin? Cracked?

back problems in reflexology

Look for hard, thick skin all around your heels this is caused by too much pressure on your heels when you walk because you may be trying to over compensate for a very sore lower back.

Food for Thought

Tasty and juicy bites on what the Skeletal system has to communicate?


How do you support and care for yourself? How would you like to re-structure your future? Might be a question to ask yourself when you feel your ground roots being shaken.


Family, Support, Structure, re-structure, infra-structure, Roots, protection, stability.


spineless, no back bone, I need a break. etc… break a leg. I need a break.

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