I often get asked, what kind of Reflexology chair do you use? or I like your videos on YouTube what camera are you using? I thought I would just have a page available for anyone who wants to check out what I use day to day. All of the following is the gear that I actually use and I can highly recommend it.

Just to be up front, some of the following are affiliate links and I do get a small commission on each purchase, but it costs you nothing extra.

This is a great way for me to share with you what I use in my practice in a wish that it helps you out on your reflexology path. If you see something just click on the picture and it will take you to the product.

Also if you have any questions about any of the following items, I would be happy to answer them.

My Reflexology Session Gear

These are the reflexology charts that I have in my session room.

Check This Out

3 Essential Tools for Professional Reflexologists

Recommended Music for Sessions.

Session Room Essentials

Gear to Make Videos

Home Studio Set-up

The Video Camera I use.

Audio for Videos

Lighting (I use 3 of these lights)